Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sydenham Falls - Dundas, Ontario

“There’s a waterfall where??”
That was my immediate reaction when my brother called me and asked how I felt about an early morning fall hike into Sydenham Falls. Having lived in this area for over 20 years, I thought I knew the trails and waterfalls in the area pretty good. Even more incredible, this waterfall was only 5 minutes away.

A quick check on the website revealed that this specific area featured not only one, but three waterfalls!
So with sons in tow and accompanied by a very excited Rosie the wonder dog, we headed out to explore.

I had seen the trail heading into the woods at the bottom of the Sydenham Hill in Dundas, Ontario for years, not ever realizing the beauty and amazing rock formations that would appear just steps beyond the entrance of this trail.

The first waterfall that you come to is called Lower Sydenham Falls and it is approximately 13 feet high and is located below the railway bridge that crosses Sydenham Creek.

As you continue up the trail about 100 metres, heading steadily uphill into the escarpment, you will find a side trail on your right with a very steep downhill grade. This somewhat treacherous descent will take you to the bottom of Middle Sydenham Falls. The climb is worth it as this washboard curtain falls which is about 20 feet high is spectacular!

Heading back up the main trail, you arrive at Upper Sydenham Falls, which at approximately 45 feet tall is the largest of the three. It is a beautiful ribbon type falls and is a great spot to take photos.

Heading back out with kids now looking for some lunch and Rosie yearning to have an afternoon nap in front of the fireplace, we all agreed that a return hike in the summer, with the trees in full bloom is a “must do!”

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